Support or lack of

Bear with me whilst I launch into a moan about the cs-cart support packages

I know cs has a lot of pre-installed features blah blah blah, represents great value compared to say x-cart blah blah blah

I’m sorry but I find it quite the opposite

I find myself in a situation where I have only just discovered some of the features are buggy and even non functional, ironically my support has run out now (that doesn’t happen with many other carts)

I have had credits taken off me for solutions to bugs in the cart (why should I be penalised for that ?)

Support staff ran some tests when I did have support, found bugs and fixed them but neglected to change back settings they had made (activated payment by cheque so they could place a test order) I discovered this afterwards when some customers placed orders for “special” item which I don’t stock but have to order in, just to find that payment had not been received after I ordered and paid for goods

I now find that on my first try out of the newsletter system that it just sends out blank emails, great, obviously I wasn’t viable to try it out earlier as there weren’t enough registered customers to bother with it

The multiple image thumbnails always misses out one thumbnail ?

I can no longer upgrade my cart

Unbeleivable the price to prolongate my license is $89.50

To be quite frank, had I realised this I would have stuck with X-Cart and paid for all the required add-ons as I’d have lifetime upgrades

Extended support

Is it just me or does $750 for 1 year seem like a complete rip-off ?

Not impressed

Rant over for now