Suppliers Profile: Account Code And Supplier Instructions

Other carts have this, why not in CSCart ?

Supplier Profiles need extra fields:

1. Account Code [Text Input]:

Most of our suppliers recognise us by our Account No.(Account Code)

Current work around is tho use the (now redundant) Fax field.

2. Supplier Instructions [Text Area]:

Some suppliers are treated differently with regards to charging, shipping method etc.
For some suppliers, we instruct them to send International orders to our warehouse for repacking rather than the customers address. Which brings me to the next point.

3. Ship International Orders to Store [Checkbox]:

If checked for this supplier, the "Ship-to" address that shows in the Supplier Email Notification for countries other than the store country will be the Store address rather than the Shipping address on the order. Perhaps even have a field for this alternate fulfilment address?

3b. Incorporate an override to activate per product and

3c. Override only if an order includes product sourced from more than one supplier.

1 & 2 being of most obvious requirement.

So now that v4.9 has had the FAX field removed, this feature request is now of utmost importance to us.

I see CSC dont consider this to be important, so I'm interested to know how do other cart admins get around this issue.?