Suppliers code in notification email


my suppliers use different codes to the ones i use.

I decided to store the suppliers code in one of the additional product fields (search words)

when i send an email notification to my supplier cscart presents the code(my code), title and quantity of the ordered products retrieved from the $io. data.

is there an easy way to present more information ( ie the Search words field) in the email template ?

thanks in advance

You shuld probably use a product feature for this. Then you can replace the {$product.product_code} with an appropriate feature id and its variant value. You might have to hard code this unless you want to do a bunch of lookups in a post-controller to set your own value.

i am interested in finding someone to develop the above feature as an ad-don for me.

if anyone is interested please pm me



I would also need this functionality. I'm wondering if the product feature suggestion would be compatible with Option Combinations.

Extra product field needed:

“Supplier Code” needed in addition to the existing “Product Code”