SUPPLIER Orders add-on

We need the following add-on developed:

The add-on will work together with the supplier’s addon.

The SUPPLIER Orders add-on (SOAN) will allow for follow-up of the products that have been ordered from suppliers in more or less the same way as cs cart manages the orders.

For that reason a new screen should be developed that will present the products with their suppliers that result from customers’ orders. The screen should look similar to the orders from customers screen.

The screen will display the following

Column Names

Product id (can be used as filter)

Product Photo

Suppliers Product Code (can be used as filter)

Order Status (can be used as filter)

Supplier name (can be used as filter)

Order id (can be used as filter)

Customer name (can be used as filter)

Date the order was placed from the customer

Product Price

Filtering should be allowed more or less similar to the existing orders filtering

When the status of the order is changed, the status of the suppliers order should also change. Status should not be editable from the suppliers orders screen

The field Suppliers Product Code should be created

we want this to be the first step in an complete suppliers orders addon.

Should be compatible with cs cart 2xx +3

if anyone has any more ideas on this add-on we are happy to discuss.

I anyone else feels that he wants it we are more than happy to share expenses

and final if anyone thinks that they can develop it pm me with a quotation …

Thank you


Not sure what you mean by:


we want this to be the first step in an complete suppliers orders addon.


Also, you won't be able to develop a single addon that can be installed/operated in V2 and V3 without a custom installation wrapper and some conditional code.

If you want my quote for this listing page (no actions, just a list of the info) feel free to submit your request at [url=“Get a quote”][/url] and I'll be happy to give you a bid.

Edit: Note that Suppliers are not supported in V3. I believe for similar functionality you need to move to the MVE to get supplier functionality. However, I've not verified this and am relying on old articles I've read. Possibly they've added it back since then.