Supplier And Import

Anyone know if it is possible to add Supplier when you are importing products from CSV-files? It is not listed in the list of fields for product import. Since the Supplier addon is from CS-Cart it is kind of strange it is not included.

Anyone know a way to get supplier included in the import? Thanks!

Sounds like a bug.

Strange, no feedback from CS-Cart…

I think also a bug.

I always love the commitment of “most probably it will be included in the next release” but never shows up…

Q whas this also in 4.15 or Just only in 4.21?

If in 4.15 then iTS very bad and strange not to change this in 4.2.1.

I think i step back to version 3.xx

I must have in/export supplier in my CVS file.

For me its to crazy about words for say something about this not more in the in/export anymore.