Suggestions To Catch Up Competitors

As CS CART MULTIVENDOR is a step away from competitors, here is some suggestions to add or improve marketplace:

1.Customer complaint management

As a marketplace owner, you can't always keep an eye on everyone and everything in your marketplace.
Make it possible for customers to flag/report individual products or sellers for offensive content or marketplace rule violations.

2.Create recurring vendor plans with Stripe Subscriptions

3.Designing marketing, promotions and sales tools

  • Paid sponsored products and seller stores
  • Automated product recommendations to increase sales
  • Better discount campaign management for sellers
  • Advertising tools for marketplace owners
  • Improvements to badge and discount coupon systems
  • Wishlists, favorite sellers and following seller accounts

Any thought?


If you may allow me to add item # 4.

4. Ability to Customize the Admin Panel to match the looks of our storefront. For now we are bound to deal with the monotone and outdated interface which I can say it's dull and not attractive at all.