Suggestions On How To Focus Sales Towards A Specific County

I have a .com site based in the US doing business internationally. This site does a lot of business in Australia so I am considering ways to increase sales in that country by improving page rank on I could advertise on however I am wonding if there is any benefit to setting up a .au URL. I would prefer to do this if there is a way to mirror the US site, I would rather not create a second site. I know I could point the .au site to the .com site, I'm just not sure if that would accomplish anything.

Could someone with international experience comment on how to focus on a specific country and if creating a new domain with that country's domain extension would help?


Dear Novista,

Changing domain name and hosting service is an ideal variant, but you can avoid it. It is a good idea of you to get the domain extension of that country. Also links from Australian blogs, forums, social networks, classified ads that based in Australia will help. You can promote on google adwords. It is possible to focus the special country there.

Best regards, Alt-team

Thanks Alt-team.