Suggested Products

Maybe I’m missing something but I’ve looked all over and can’t find it.

On a particular product I want to suggest another product that can go along with it. In this case, a motorcycle exhaust system, I want to suggest a fuel injection controller. I see the Required Products but I don’t to automatically add one to the cart, merely bring it to their attention for consideration.

I have this in my CRELoaded stores and have to believe it’s here somewhere, maybe called something different or ???

Can someone enlighten me?


You can create a ‘Suggested products’ block in Design->Blocks (Content: Products. Filling: Manually). You can then go to the Blocks tab of a product and set up the related products.


Thanks for the info. Seems there should be a tab, like Features, Tags…etc or a listing/blocks directly below the product description (not the footer) where these could load.

UPDATE: Actually the sidebox is an easy add and let’s you select products by checkbox… very simple. I forgot you can also create another tab but in reality that would kind of hide the product but at least the option is there. Either way works well.

Thanks for the enlightenment.