Subtotal / Total Confusing

On the checkout screen, the order of things seems potentially confusing to customers. For example, I have a product that costs $100. It shows up in “cart items” as “1 x $107.00 = $107.00” because the state sales tax of 7% has been applied. The subtotal is shown as $107.00 with a (correct) shipping cost of $4.95 on the line below that. So far, so good. But then there’s a line for taxes that says “NJ Tax (7.00) 7.00”. And the total cost below that is $111.95. This total cost is correct (100 + 7.00 + 4.95). But I’m afraid the line item for tax implies that the tax has been applied twice, even though it hasn’t. Why is it showing up this way, and how can I fix it?


I had the same exact problem, here you go: [URL][/URL] - hope this helps

PS I changed the original link it was to a related post but not the right one case you’re clicking from an email. The link in this post now is correct.

Had this issue and figured it out on my own. You need to uncheck the “price includes tax” box on the tax under Shipping/Taxes.

Taxes will then be caluclated in the cart page as a subtotal item.