I am not sure I have a subscription properly configured as it is not working as I thought it would. I have a subscription set-up which is tied to a product and on the front-end the product as shown in the product list displays a subscribe link, when it’s clicked it goes to the details page but there is no add to cart button or any way for the customer to purchase a subscription … so what didn’t I do?

Should there be a way to purchase the subscription product by adding to the cart like any other product? Or does this work some other way and I am missing something in my set-up?

Thanks for your help.

As soon as I posted and went back to the front-end I noticed a subscription tab on the product on the details page, that’s where the add to cart button is … well that’s strange. If I was a customer I would not look at that tab, I would be looking for an add to cart button and there wasn’t one.

I will add some verbiage on the details page to direct them to that tab.

Sorry for the post and thanks anyway.

what I did is to just make that tab the the first one, then the subscription plans and the add-to-cart button showup without any direction to the customer. as soon as the page is loaded, he can see the button.