Subscription Fee

I am going to be using Cs-Cart for a wholesale site and I need to charge a yearly subscription fee. Once the user registers with the site and I activate their account they can then see prices. Is there anyway I can prompt them to pay a subscription fee before they can purchase a product?

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

You can do this manually by assigning memberships (called ‘user groups’ in 2.0.9). There will also be a recurring billing option 2.0.9 that is supposed to allow automatically setting a membership based on a purchase. See more here:



I looked at this feature, but it looks like there are still some loose ends that needs to be tied up with this and I’m currently also running 2.0.8. I think I may have determined another way to do this, but it is going to require modifying the Registration form.

Do you know how I could add some text at the top of this form to give an overview of my subscription program?

There is a hook in /skins/YOURSKIN/customer/views/profiles/components/profiles_account.tpl:

{hook name="profiles:membership"}

I think you could create a template hook file using the ‘pre’ option to display your information.


Thanks for the help, I discovererd how to do this using and if statment based on the URL. I think this should work for what I want to do.

{if $config.current_url == ‘index.php?dispatch=profiles.add’}

This is where my Registration Page specific content will go.