Subscriber Import/export Question

I recently imported our subscriber base through the administration panel.

I then logged in as a vendor and noticed that a vendor is able to export that same subscriber base.

I was checking to see how it worked as a vendor thinking they would only be able to export their own users who purchase through their store.

Is there a setting I can change somewhere so that it doesn’t allow vendors to export our whole list?

For most things, the “company_id” in the related table specifies which company/vendor an object is owned by. A zero indicates shared across companies (vendors in MVE) and a specific integer relates those objects to a specific company (or vendor in MVE). However, it looks like they never did this for subscribers so they are always global (all stores in Ultimate and all vendors in MVE).

I see what you're saying. Is there a way I can change that integer myself?

I'm thinking if any vendor ran across that option they could just take the list and market the list themselves.

It is not part of the table and there would be no code to qualify it.

I'd start by submitting to Bugtracker that subscribers are not distinguished by company.