Subscribe To Newsletter Extra Code

can anyone would be able to achieve whats on the image? Customers has to tick the agreement box to be able to subscribe to our newsletter. We are getting lots of subscribers and we believe 80% of them are bots. Since its more complicated to add google recapthca and doesnt look good UI vice.


Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 3.22.46 PM.png

You should change the following template


add something like this


The add newsletter_terms_n_conditions language variable and check the result. Possibly additional CSS changes will be required

Hi, the checkbox, with version 4.11.3 does not work.


Please share or PM me URL where I can check it

Yes. Check my site newsletter subscription, and let me know if you need assistance.

i use a recaptcha they must pass before they can even click the subscribe button.

For further protection i then also send an auto responder immediately after with an activation link. only then will they be a subscriber.

my site: