Submitted Custom Form Information Secure?

Just to double check (I'm more artist then techy) I need to provide a second secure credit card payment form for guests who have placed an order on another site where payment processing is not available. They have already placed their order so I don't want them to have to go through that whole process all over again on my cs site.

I have created the custom form and marked it “secure.” I just want to confirm: When the customer clicks on the “submit” button and their information is sent to my “sale” email address, will the information be secure/encrypted when it is transmitted? Thanks so much.

To answer your question. Yes, if you have clicked on secure. the form will be protected by SSL. You can confirm that by opening the form and see the padlock next to the URL on the browser

Thanks kogi. I know that the form is secure and I know how to tell whether a page/site is secure. What I don't know is whether the data collected by the form will be encrypted when it is transmitted as an email to my MailBee WebMail address. This I find unlikely. I wouldn't be as concerned if I could send the data to a database on my server since I could be more certain of ensuring it was properly encrypted, protected by my ssl, etc.; however, that's not an option without custom coding.

Thanks so much for your time.