Sub Products

Is there anyway to setup sub products. I am looking to post PDFs and I would like to post each PDF as its own “product” to say.

So say I had Issue #1, and it had 5 pdfs that I want to see for $5 each… Is there a way to list Issue #1 as the main product and then allow the people to choose which PDF(s) they would like to buy and download?

Try using “Product Options” or “Listmania” within the main product.

Not sure what I can do with those two features.

What I am looking to do is have something like this…

Magazine (as main product)

  • PDF Article #1(as subproduct for 5$)
  • PDF Article #2(as subproduct for 5$)
  • PDF Article #3(as subproduct for 5$)

    I do not see how it would be possible to attach the product option with the file downloads???

You could try promotions.

Condition → Purchased products

Action → Discount on products

I would think using Listmania would be the easiest approach. If you look at the far right of your Admin page, you’ll see at the bottom a Listmania link.

Once opened, you’ll most likely see some options already setup with your default installation. They will say “related products”. What this means is that Listmania is already configured to use the “related products” option.

If you don’t see this, you’ll have to make a new “related products” option.

Next, build your main product normally. Then create your PDF products as downloadable products. To do so, there is a tab amongst the others below the description area called “FILE”. By loading a file into this tab area you automatically create a downloadable product.

The last step is to hook the products together. Go back to your main product’s Admin page and click the “Listmania” tab. That window will open and you’ll see at the bottom 1/2 of the window an area to add related products.

Add each of your PDF products to this section. Be sure to tick the box to the right labeled “Enable for this page”, or the PDFs won’t appear. Click save and view your main product live. You will now see a new tab appear that shows your PDF products.

In your main product's description, you'll want to reference the "Related Products" tab, so include something in your description that reads like this: "click the Related Products tab to view PDF solutions to this issue".