Sub product Code help please

Hi Guys I am new to CS and I have been setting up my site on a local host on my computer before

acquiring hosting, I am doing well so far but I have a CSV import setup problem that I am hoping someone can help me with. Here goes.

Ok I have a product which has a main Product code, this is fine but it also has 6 other separate codes for each size, for example.

Product code------------Sub product Code----------------------------Size

N2151-------------------------NS0780--------------4.5 x 1 (small)- 5.5 x 1.5 (medium)- 6 x 2.25 (large)

N2151-------------------------NS0781--------------4.5 x 1 (small)- 5.5 x 1.5 (medium)- 6 x 2.25 (large)

N2151-------------------------NS0782--------------4.5 x 1 (small)- 5.5 x 1.5 (medium)- 6 x 2.25 (large)

N2151-------------------------NS0783--------------4.5 x 1 (small)- 5.5 x 1.5 (medium)- 6 x 2.25 (large)

N2151-------------------------NS0784--------------4.5 x 1 (small)- 5.5 x 1.5 (medium)- 6 x 2.25 (large)

N2151-------------------------NS0785--------------4.5 x 1 (small)- 5.5 x 1.5 (medium)- 6 x 2.25 (large)

As you can see it is all the same product but with different sizes with a code for each size.

My question is how can I set this up in both CS-Cart and my CSV file so that it is one product with various sizes that customers can select and “most importantly” how can I use the size codes so that I will know which particular size is low or out of stock.

I hope this makes sense and that someone can help


Ho and I have just thought, I will have to have stock levels for each size too, this is getting to be a bigger job than I thought.

You will want to use the one product code and then use “option combinations” to have the cart deal with the “variants” as different product codes.

Do a search in the knowledge base for option combinations.

or, John can help you… He uses them a lot.

Thank you so much for your reply tbirnseth

This has still not been solved, I have looked everywhere with no luck at all.

I can’t understand why this is so hard, as it is one of the most important things in an ecommerce shop to two or more of the same item at different sizes and have the system check the stock for each.

There should be a way to have a main product code for the product and extra codes for various sizes, or whatever way works.

Also I am not quite know who John is

Any one got the answer for me please.


To track product with options separately, you use Option Combinations. You can assign a unique product code to each combination.

Do a search of the knowlege base for “option combinations” and you'll get on the right track.

Hi and thanks for your help.

I have managed to set up the diferent size combinations, but there is another problem thats doing my head in.

I cant figure out how to apply product amounts to a combination, for example

4.5 x 1 (small) 4 in stock

5.5 x 1.5 (medium) 0 in stock

Any help please

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Hi and thanks for your help.

I have managed to set up the diferent size combinations, but there is another problem thats doing my head in.

I cant figure out how to apply product amounts to a combination, for example

4.5 x 1 (small) 4 in stock

5.5 x 1.5 (medium) 0 in stock

Any help please



When you create your product, in the general tab change to Track with inventory, this will then allow you when in combinations to add a qty in the inventory field. be careful to add all variations you want or you may find yourself going back and changing them. do 1 first and test test.


Due to tbirnseth and johnbol1 I have got these issues sorted, thanks guys.

However there is still a problem I will explain.

Imported Tea shirt Product code 12345 with no stock inventor amounts because there are 3 sizes,

Next I set up my product inventory combinations and give each size a different Combination code for example.

Combination code---------------------- Combination--------------------Amount

NFFFT23-------------------------------------- Small--------------------------- 0

NFFFT24-------------------------------------- Medium------------------------ 4

NFFFT25-------------------------------------- Large--------------------------- 4

This works fine, clicking on the small size link shows a results out of stock, I am happy with this.

Now comes the problem, I have 3000 or more products set up this way and the inventory stock amounts need updating every day, to update products without options is fine, but to update the inventory combinations is not, the only way I can see how to update product combinations is to somehow find the product ID of the product before I can import and update the product combinations, this makes it realy hard work, there must be an easier way to update the product combinations without having to search and setup the product ID’s for each product, or have I done this wrong. I know how to do it by importing Product combinations but I need to find IDs for each product for it to work.

There must be an easier way.

I appreciate your time and help thanks, I need to get this off the ground soon so asking if there is a solution to this please.

Ok guys I am pulling my hair out here, looked everywhere with nothing.

Got 3000 products, 60% of them has either 2 or more sizes or colours, inventory combinations set up for each with their stock quantities and codes.

I now have a delivery of 3000 products to replenish my stock, all main codes, product names and quantities are in a CSV file,

I then simply upload the CSV to update my stock, this is good if the products are a one size or colour and have no combinations assigned to them.

The stock that has a combination cannot be updated, unless I filter them out of the CSV somehow and then find all of the product IDs from the database and set up product combination fields one by one.

There must be a easier way to update stock quantities that have option combinations assigned to them especially when I have to update 2000 or more at one time.

Please someone must know how to do this, is there a full documentation on this particular subject anywhere?


Dont think so,…possibly a way to do it via database export/ import in phpmyadmin but not my expertise Im afraid.

try ask cs cart.


Was looking for something like this. Thanks for your answers guys !