Sub Category Images not showing

Hi all

I am trying to display an image on sub category pages, the image is placed within the HTML editor, not the sub category image box. This works fine on category pages but nothing displays on the sub category even using same image, though text displays fine.

Also, I have noticed that banners do not seem to display correctly on sub category pages.

Any ideas much appreciated.


If I inspect using FireBug I can see the path for one of the images that isn’t loading…

If I add a / in front cat_equestrian.jpg the image is then loaded.

This is the same for all images that aren't loading!!!!

Any ideas where I can change things to make these show?

I have looked all over.


Sounds oike your cat_equestrian.jpg is in the root folder of your store. Would suggest putting it under the images directory somewhere and then using


I would also suggest always using an ‘alt’ tag. Then you can ensure the image tag is being rendered.


Simple really, in category html just added / in front of image path and did same in banners.

Obviously this isn’t the answer, but does work. :confused: :rolleyes: