Styling the quantity box in product detail page

In the default_template, there is this code for the quantity box. But I can't find where is generated or how to ad custom css classes to it.

assign var="qty" value="qty_`$obj_id`"}

I'd like to be able to change the font on the “quantity” label, the padding and the size of the input box,

and be able to move it around and integrate in any new layout. I already modified the “add to cart” button, but this one is very important too. This only for the product detail page.

I noticed in the demo lab, the new version will keep the way is now. But I find important in order to ad some nice color and design to the detail page. Other carts separate the quantity box from the option listing.

If any can help or give me a quote for this small modification please PM me. Thanks is advance.


check common_templates/product_data.tpl or why not just add a custom css class

.product-info .input-text-short. that will style the quantity box for you.

Thank you!,You point me in the right direction. I couldnt find by myself.

I added some classes and came close. I just need to figure out how to limit the change only to the detail pagewithout affecting the product listing. I'll place de code later.


If you edited a template file you could add an if statement to your page.

{if $details_page}class="blah"{/if}

You can also specify the the product page div by putting .product-details-options infront of the .product-info.