Styles.less May Not Be Loading In Ie 8/9 After Upgrade For 4.1.3


I’ve upgraded to 4.0.3 from 4.1.3. I had to make a lot of CSS changes to get the site working again. One thing I cannot figure out is why the store banner is not visible on IE 8 and 9, possibly 10. It is visible on IE 11.

The banner is called from styles.less and works fine on Firefox, Safari and Chrome so I know I have it setup properly. It appears that the styles.less may not be loading for IE8/9 but I cannot be certain that is actually the problem. The line I have in styles.less is

<br />
.tygh-header > div {<br />
background: url('') no-repeat top;<br />
}<br />

```<br />
<br />
Is anyone aware of any issues or extra steps I need to take with CS Cart, styles.less and older versions of IE.<br />
<br />
The site url is [url=""][/url]. <br />
<br />

You may need to regenerate by clearing the cache. Note that styles.less is compiled into the cashed CSS file.

Thanks tbirnseth, I should have mentioned that I turned off caching and did the &cc and &ctpl. Even went so far as to delete the var/cache files.

So if you look in a page and then load the css file that is "link"d to the page, are you saying that your changes are not present?

What's the homepage and the css property definition that you changed. It should be no different between browsers unless it's an old version of IE and relates to widths or dropdowns.

Yes, the .less file is loading however for IE 8 & 9, the banner does not display. When I ran the upgrade, I found that I had to redo some of the css but I did not make any changes to the banner other than some minor changes to margins for alignment.

I created a test page out of the home page source code and manually added a link directly to the styles.less file placing it directly below the loading of the standalone css and the load of the tygh scripts. The banner loaded properly on the test page. So I know that banner can be loaded in these versions of IE.

Could this have something to do with how the banner is being called in the .less file which is through “.tygh-header > div {” ?

When I first set up this site, using the tygh-header was the only way I could find to place the banner exactly where I wanted it. I also found that when I put it in my_changes/styles.css it would not display which is why I put it in the .less file. Perhaps there is a better way to call the banner.

Thanks again for sticking with me on this.

EDIT: I just put a direct link to the styles.less into the index.tpl file of my template after {include file=“common/scripts.tpl”} and the banner did load. Still unsure of what that tells me.

I was not aware the browsers supported 'less' files since they are usually an intermediate file that is compiled and the output is the css.

Neither was I. I'll check with support and see what they have to say.