(stupid?) Noob question

Hey folks,

Brand new to CS cart and it seems to be quite good but I am frustrated at something.

Am using Australia post for shipping.

If I select Air mail as the shipping method there is an “Unfortunately no shipping options are available for your location.” error for Australians.

If I select Parcel Post then there is an error for overseas people.

It seems I need to be able to say “air mail” for outside Australia and “parcel post” for within, but I just can’t see how to do it.

I have made two separate shipping methods, I have tried to apply them to locations. No joy.


Thanks in advance

Forget it.

As usual, after spending ages on it I fixed it within minutes of posting this…sigh…

The solution is that it needed a valid post code for Australia to work and it didn’t care about valid code for international.

I was using stupid data to test, as soon as I put a real post code in, voila!