Struggling with the Customer Group feature

CS Cart Multi-Vendor Ultimate - 4.16.2

I can create a customer group but I can’t do anything with it?

I can not find the option to add products or categories to user groups?

I do not have the option in customer profile to change a customer type to administrator (this is in the video tutorial, but I don’t have the drop down field in my customer profiles)?

Really, I can’t find any use for the customer groups?

I believe that I am doing something wrong. Perhaps a required add-on is not installed.

I am new to CS Cart - please help me to understand how to use the customer group feature to apply permissions on my site.

Kind Regards

to add a product to user group Screenshot by Lightshot
category Screenshot by Lightshot
customer to user group Screenshot by Lightshot
and pretty much wahetver else has similar

Do you check it under admin or vendor account? For vendors additional addon related with privileges should be installed

Seems simple enought at first but there are a few things you need to do …

A) Set-up the User-Group
B) Assign product, category, or pages (forms/pages/polls) to user-group see @johnbol1 screenshots
C) Make the user-group active in two places

  1. make the user-group itself active
  2. make the user-group active under the user you want to have that access, i.e.
    a) for customers navigate Customers/Customers and then make them active on the “user group” tab
    b) for vendor-adminstrators navigate Customers/Vendor Administrators and then make them active on the “user groups” tab