Stripe Payment , 8 confirm emails

When a customer makes a payment, using Stripe, I’ll get 8 emails from the CS Cart software that the payment is ok.


Can CS-Cart take a look at this?

Payment with Ideal 8-10 emails
Payment with Klarna 10 emails
Payment with MasterCard 4 emails

Stripe checked this and they wrote:
In this case, could you please check out the support for this Addon then? It is possible for this to be a bug on their end

Please contact us via Help Desk on this matter.

Hello,was this a bug ? We have same problem,receive more emails for one order over Stripe and additionaly problems with statuses,first change to paid and than as backoder.Problems started after some recent upgrades,before it worked fine.

Hi daka71,

CS-Cart made some changes in our Stripe AddOn last Friday.
But still the same problem. I reported this to the Helpdesk.

Hope they will fix it soon, 8-10x email per order is terrible.

Hello,thank you for letting me know,yes,this is terrible,we get even some orders in to backorder status,so customers must be very unsure.We must hope they will fix it.

We don’t use backorder, so don’t have that problem.
But now again, Ideal payment by Stripe (Dutch) 11 emails. And customer needs to correct the address details 3 times before going to checkout.
It is only with the Stripe AddOn.

Sisow (Buckaroo) AddOn, PayPal AddOn, no problems.

Katherine from CS-Cart, thank you for solving the problem.

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