Stripe method for Promptpay in Thailand


How can I integrate stripe for Promptpay ( real time payment in Thailand) like apple pay and google pay in CS cart multivendor platform?
Currently available for Stripe payment gateway but I don’t see option in CS cart, I have seen only credit card, google pay and apple pay

Thank you

Hello. According to Stripe documentation:

PromptPay is in private beta. Send us an email at to get an invite.

That’s why we haven’t been mentioning it (because Stripe themselves haven’t done so at their Stripe Checkout landing page).

But if Stripe Checkout does support it, then it may be possible to use PromptPay once CS-Cart 4.16.1 gets released. Because Stripe Checkout is a separate page handled by Stripe, it may be possible that new payment options will appear for Stripe Checkout without needing to upgrade CS-Cart past 4.16.1.

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