Stripe Gateway And Duplicate Payments

Hello,I am using Stripe gateway plugin at 4.14.2 SP1 and problem is we are getting duplicate stripe payments from customers.I see for example that on first payment there is no order_id,on second there is order_id.How to avoid that customers make double payments ? I am not sure if we can block double payment with same order_id at Stripe setting,but how we can block double payments,if one payment has assigned no order_id ?

Is there some better gateway plugin than the standard one,which would be more reliable ? Thanks advance for any help.


In the recently released version 4.15.1 there were several fixes for the Stripe payment method. So I recommend you to update to this one version, in order make sure that all the know bugs in this payment method are fixed in your installation.

Do you think it would be enough to update stripe addon only without upgrading core ? We need to keep the version we are now for a while due to sume plugins.

No, I am afraid, but the built-in add-ons cannot be updated separately from the core itself. You need to upgrade your CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor installation in order for the add-on to be updated.

I am facing strange things.I upgraded core to 4.15.1.SP2,but at stripe addon in admin backend I see old plugin version 1.0 from 10/23/2021 .I see also other addons like GDPR are never upgraded,however it was provided fairly many upgrade points.I am not able what I should do.

I checked stripe addon files in file manager and it looks that it was upgraded,some files are dated for example to September 9 2022,but addon.xml file looks is just old file and was never updated.Do you have idea what is wrong ? I see the same problem with more addons,not only this one.Can you help ?

Please refer to my reply.