Stripe Connect Integration Settings - Merchant Of Record Liabilities


Hoping someone might be able to help me, I have reached out to CS Cart sales team regarding the settings on their Stripe Connect integration but they do not want to help me unless I am buying software... needless to say I would be more inclined to buy software if they were prepared to answer my questions...

So, here goes... I am looking to build a multi-vendor store and I want ALL Merchant of Record liabilities to lie with the Vendor. As a Site Owner I am hoping to build a 'hands off' platform where customers reach out to the MOR (vendors) to handle all disputes, refunds etc... Following weeks of in depth discussions with Stripe, I am told that the integration needs to be coded to make the Standard accounts for the Vendors and charges should be Direct (which they both are). However, Stripe also informs me that Separate Charges and Transfers needs to be configured within this integration to denote the Vendor as MOR and to give them the functionality to process refunds from within their own Stripe dashboard.

Does anyone have any more information on this? It seems that standard CS Cart functionality is limited to issuing refunds by solely the Site Admin with the addition of an enabled RMA? Hardly an efficient model for those platforms who which to transfer MOR liabilities to the Vendors.

Thanks so much in advance!

Hello bikes,

According to your query I suppose you should look at Webkul's CS Cart Stripe Custom Account which uses stripe custom account concept.

CS Cart Stripe Custom Account Add-on link:

CS Cart Stripe Custom Account Doc link:

This add-on provide complete freedom to manage vendor and their account. In this concept vendors are not required to have external stripe account to connect to your platform.

Currently in this addon admin do all processes like:

  1. Refund order charge (refund customer whole money) along with refund transfer (Product money that was gone to vendor) and refund transfer fee (Commision that admin took from the vendor) too.

Currently Vendor can only view all his record history, and his payouts.

But if you want by we can customize according to your need give each vendor's their own account so that they can manage their own order charges and refund them.

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Himanshu Dangwal

Hi Himanshu,

Thanks ever so much for getting back to me. Following some lengthy discussions with Stripe - I was advised only way to transfer Merchant of Record liabilities from the Site owner, to the Vendor was with the following integration set-up

Direct Charges ----> Standard Account (for Vendors) ----> Separate Transfers and Charges Configuration

Like I say, I am aware the out of the box integration ticks the first two boxes, but nobody at CS Cart can inform me if Separate Charges and Transfer have been configured.


Hello Bikes,

(sorry for late reply)

Currently I suppose nobody in cs-cart have provided this feature "Separate Transfers and Charges Configuration" as it is in Public Beta mode.

If you want this feature to be implement then it can be done but will be part of customisation.

Also you can visit our add-on Stripe Connect Standard Account

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Himanshu Dangwal