Stripe Connect 3DS deprecated

Please be aware that " Request 3DS if 3D Secure is required for card" was deprecated by Stripe in October 2023

This means if you want 3DS checks on your Stripe transactions now you need to “enable” rules in the Stripe “Radar”

Further please note that due to a suspected bug (reported to cs-cart) the Billing Address is not sent when in matches the Shipping address, this means AVS is not available i.e. you are not able to enable the stripe rule " Block if Postal code verification fails" (because it will always fail as it is unable to check the billing address postal code against the card issuer held billing address postal code) … increases the risk the marketplace will be held liable for any fraud.

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cs-cart have confirmed it is not a bug. Not sending the billing address is functioning as intended i.e. validation of customer postal_code/zip code against banking records is not supported.

I can confirm you still are able to mannually enable the rule within Stripe to use 3DS where recommended and/or supported (I have and where this supported by card issurer this puts the onus back on them if there is a fraud).

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To clarify, does this mean that enabling or disabling 3D Secure for the Stripe Connect Add-On does not provide additional protection?

I am looking to disable it because I like how the payment flows without it but am unclear what, if any, protection I am losing.

enabling 3D connect on Stripe end does provide additional protection and may mean you sre more likely to win a dispute. I certainly have had clear scammers fail the 3D test.

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