Stripe Checkout with credit card option issue


CS-Cart Version: 4.17.2-sp3
Addon: Stripe checkout (credit card )

An order was placed with 2 products from separate vendors:

  1. Product 1 costs $150.
  2. Product 2 costs $150.

When I entered card details in the inline form and received the message that the order was placed, Stripe also received the payment request. The payment status is marked as “paid,” and the webhook posted the payment status as “paid” to the platform.

However, the orders from different vendors did not change to “paid” status. Instead, the order details section shows the payment status as “paid,” but the order status remains “incomplete.”

Stripe is configured for inline card payment transactions on the site. On the checkout page, I entered card details and clicked “Place Order.” The Stripe dashboard shows a successful payment with a “paid” status, and the webhook response is also successful, but the order status does not change to “paid” automatically. It is showing as “incomplete” for the order.

The order contains products from two different vendors. When I checked the order details, I found that the order is marked as paid with a payment ID.

This issue requires examination directly in your installation. I’m afraid but this description is not enough for me to make any assumptions.

Please contact us via Help Desk on this case.