Stripe checkout not showing product details

Is the behaviour correct that no products are shown in the checkout using the official cs-cart “stripe connect” plugin?

I have seen cs-cart websites where products are shown.
How can this be implemented?
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By default only the Order ID and its total is being sent to the Stripe Checkout form.

You can extend it if you’ll change the data returned by the \Tygh\Addons\StripeConnect\Payments\StripeConnect::getSessionLineItems() method for Stripe Connect (app/addons/stripe_connect/Tygh/Addons/StripeConnect/Payments/StripeConnect.php) or the \Tygh\Addons\Stripe\Payments\Stripe::getSessionLineItems() for Stripe (app/addons/stripe/src/Payments/Stripe.php).

Please refer to this article in the Stripe’s API documentation:

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