Stripe checkout Error


Cscart Version : 4.17.2-sp1
Payment Gateway: Stripe checkout

The order placed 2 products from separate vendor

  1. product 1 is 100 .
  2. product 2 is 200.

when placed order and proceeds with payment on stripe web and the order total paid is 300.
when i check on orders, there is 2 orders created for 2 vendors and when i checked with each order.
the order 1 is changed status as paid and other order is still status as open.
I also checked with stripe transaction and it has only 1 order id as meta.

Is anyone facing this issue?



Could please check this ?


cscart team?


Thank you for your report. I confirm this issue.

Fortunately, it was already fixed and the fix will be included in the next CS-Cart version, 4.18.1. If you want to fix it in the current version, please apply the attached .diff.
19784ef0d62ccc328c3fb2dc58ee2c944f419688.diff (994 Bytes)

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Thanks for your reply.

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