Stripe 3D Secure

Hi, i have update my CS-Cart to version 4.10.4 SP2 to integrate stripe payment. I have add this payment without problem but when pay with credit card system not show any 3D Secure request. Where can i enable?

I use Step-by-Step Checkout [Deprecated]

Problem resolved. Simply enable Radar with rules on dashboard stripe

HI question as I have seen some declined payments.

I have a mix of European and non-european vendors. I read that if I enable 3D at the cs-cart side both vendors and customers need to be european for that towork. I obviously cannot control that, nor want that restriction.

Does Radar help me with that. In other words. Can I keep 3D off at the CS-CCart end and enable radar to handle 3d payments when required.



I am having trouble with rejected payments because I don't have Stripe SCA enacted. I don't want to enact it because we have cross region transactions, and Stripe SCA integration then blocks manual payouts for these transactions.

Have you had success with enabling Radar with Rules on the stripe end without the 3D secure intergation?

Any info would be greatly appriciated!