Strange wishlist problem

I recieved a request from a customer that cannot access his wishlist. The server generates a Internal Server Error (500) when trying to show his wishlist. I have tested 5 other customers wishlists and it displays correctly. Does anyone have any idea on what could be the reason for this? I have also checked the cscart_user_sessions_products but could not see any specific errors there.

Hello Joachim,

Thank you for your message.

I am sorry to hear that you have experienced this problem. It seems that the issue occurs because a lot of products are added to the wish list of this customer. As long as there is no pagination on the wish list page, a lot of server resources are required to get all the added products and display them on a single page at once. In your case it causes Internal Server Error (500). I suggest that you should remove all products of this wish list from the cscart_user_sessions_products table manually. Before removing them you may be interested in providing a list of these products to the owner of the wish list as long as he/she will not see them anymore in his/her wish list in the storefront.

Our engineers are already informed of this issue. They are planning to add pagination to this page in one of the next CS-Cart releases, so this problem should not occur anymore.

I am sorry for any inconveniences in this matter.

Thank you.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team