Strange problem with speed and images


From this morning i am having issues with speed of storefront and especially in admin panel. It takes time to go from product to product, to make a new product…
At the same time, i am having problem with images on random products that wont load with error 508 code.
I didnt change anything major from last night, just editing some products, nothing more than that.
I dont know how to explain, sometimes speed is great everything opens in seconds, but sometimes it takes too many time to open, or even if all loks loaded, page is still loading.
All started this morning.

I tried to delete cache on server too, but nothing changed.
I contacted server tech, they say all is good on their side.

Do you have any idea where to look?

Greetings, noks!

Please send us your request on The issue is to be investigated on your installation. We will do our best to help you.

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It was a problem with the nearest frontend server, sorry, and thanks!

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