Strange Problem With Multi-Step Checkout

Dear All

I have come across a strange logical error in default cs-cart (version 2.1.3)'s multi-stage checkout, which may be having major checkout rate implications for many people.

There is a 1-2-3-4 style navigation bar on top of checkout pages. Suppose you are on step 2, The link to Step 3 in this navigation bar (3 - Payment Options) is greyed out. However, it is still clickable.

Now many customers essentially do the following, specially on mobile devices & Ipads:

1) Fill in the address on step 2

2) Click the link 3 - Payment Options from the top navigation bar, thinking it will move them to step 3.

3) However, this only ends up refreshing step 2, confusing the customer thoroughly.

Here is a video demonstrating this problem:

THIS PROBLEM COMES ON ALL SITES OF CS-CART V 2.1.3 ATLEAST. It may be coming on other versions (multi-step), but I have not tested this.

Here is a paraphrased comment from a customer"


after filling the address details there was no option visible for next step rather at the top of page the steps were visible, on clicking over the steps the site was redirecting to the initial stage.

It was a complete vicious leading from no where to no where...


I checked out shopify (e.g., and they have a logic that if you are on step 2, and have not visited step 3, the link to step 3 from step 2 page is NOT CLICKABLE.

ANY INPUTS ON WHY CS-CART would have coded it this way? On step 2, the link to step 3 and step 4 show up as greyed out. However, the link to step 3 is clickable, and step 4 is not. If a customer clicks step 3 here thinking it will move him forward, his page will refresh, blanking out the page!

A large chunk of our orders are getting lost due to this issue!

Warm Regards

It is necessary to contact CS-Cart support team.

Dear Cs-Market

Appreciate it and will do - thanks! Also posting this here to get ideas on :

A ) Whether other people can reproduce this, specially on other versions. I was able to reproduce on 3 separate cs-cart V 2.1.3 sites.

B ) Any idea on the logic behind this. Obviously, we can just make the links unclickable, but not sure if there is any impact elsewhere.

C ) If anyone else has seen similar customer complaints, and have tackled this.

We have a lot of checkout optimization experts + store owners here, so would be great if I can get feedback from different sources.

What do you think?

Warm Regards


If you reproduced on several websites, it is a bug. Bugs should be fixed by support team free of charge (not sure about old versions, ask them at first)

Also try to check bug tracker and find the necessary fix there

Thanks eComLabs - have raised to cs-cart helpdesk and will check the bug tracker!

Can some other senior members / moderators also have a look at this and opine on what's the best way to deal with this? Even if cs-cart won't fix the bug on old versions, surely this is an easy fix on paid basis.

However, we first need to collectively see if a) It's a problem (it may be a bug, but is it a problem as per your thoughts?) and b ) best way to mod this (if we remove the links, will there be any impact for returning customers, navigation etc)?

Guys, if our customers are complaining, and we are seeing dropped orders, surely this is a way to boost sales by one small tweak!!

Please do have a look and share your thoughts!!

Warm Regards