Strange Problem. Illegal Use? Trial Ends?

Today i have a very strange message on our admin side.


This trial version of CS-Cart shopping cart software is licensed for a 30-day evaluation. After this period is over, you must either purchase the full commercial license or remove your copy CS-Cart Trial.[color=#cc0000]

Modifying, removing, hiding, or make this message barely visible is illegal and may cause legal action.[/color]


We never used the trial version. We also have 2 licences purchased and paid, never had problem but today this message appears. how can this be solved? What is going on with cscart? anyone actually have an access to our admin side from cscart?[/color]


If anybody had the same experience please let us know.[/color]



I am received same message. I try contact with support but don´t work.

i think the problem is because cscart server is down for maintanence. Hopefully it should be working normal tomorrow.

Yep same problem. CS-Cart posted up that they were taking down part of their site for maintenance…so I'm assuming that's the culprit.

The problem comes and goes for many of us - please confrm the problem on this thread


so CS Cart will make it a priority to fix quickly as they seem to be ignoring the problem.

same problem here and this comes up for many of our customesr carts, we emailed cs cart yesterday and they told us it's fixed but it's coming up for several other carts today

Oh I am glad I found this thread. I am having the same problems which just appeared today. I guess this happens every time they do some maintenance?