Strange error with IE7 and Checkout (v1.3.5)

All - When I access my webstore via IE7, add an item to the cart, and select the checkout link, IE displays a message about non-secure item(s), then displays the following error message:


Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site



Operation aborted


I saw another post about this but the solution referenced source code that is not in my index.php source file, so I thinking that was a v1.3.4 or earlier CS-Cart. I have the latest v1.3.5 CS-Cart and am having the same problem. Has anyone else fixed this problem in v1.3.5, or can you possibly point me in the right direction?

With IE7…

Go to:

Select Forward An Item (left-side)

Add it to the cart

Select the checkout link

Thanks in advance - Mark

That’s weird, I use the same version and don’t have any problems in IE7 on both XP and Vista.

I could be out in left field here (I usually am)

but if your local security levels/firewall are set med to high these calls to “non-secure” images from a "secure (https) environement and links will sometimes cause this:

from your page:




```php ```

There are some threads regarding referencing non secure links/images to help you out.

Remember, a lot of people surf/buy/browse with high levels of security (not default)

EDIT: I checked your site in IE6 and IE7...the non secure links (that are located in whatever templates you put them) are definitely causing the checkout failure.)

Mike - Thank you for looking at my website and helping me. I will check this out when I get a moment - I really appreciate your advice.


Update - Removing my company logo on the footer fixed the issue. I was not aware that this would happen. THANKS AGAIN!


Hi! I know this is an older post but I am now having this same problem & I don’t understand the fix recommended in this post. Please help?



EDIT: I figured it out. I had 2 links in my footer that started with http:// & when visiting my secure site pages, it caused the error. I removed the http:// on both links & problem gone (& yes links still work) :slight_smile:

mike can you once again help me - I am too facing this issue.




When you are in the “https” (secure mode) these links appear to be hard coded (http://)

```php Home

Contact Us

Gift Certificates

Site Map


in your top menu as well as the google urchin code.
There is a thread that shows how to change these when you are in the secure mode.
I am not in the office right now, but when I get there I can help you find it.

both those need to be changed (top-menu and google tracker code)

Here is the thread for the google tracker


Mike, Dawg! I’m in the same boat, I checked my source, and the only outside link I have is in the DOCTYPE area. Those shouldn’t do it right?

My site is


I’ve turned SSL off for now, but when it’s turned on, I get the same error as the guys above.



check these two:

Copyright © 2008-2008 SOS Medical Supplies. Powered by CS-Cart - Shopping Cart Software



Home ```

these call for http outside links

Dude! Awesome! You seriously are the freakin’ man! Thanks!