Strange Cookie

Having checked my ssl on today I double clicked the green bar in firefox and looked at the cookie information my site is showing.

if you scroll right to the bottom of the list (in firefox) there is a cookie listed and the website it is listed as being from is not my site but from a competitors site, the long code at the side of the coookie is below and the name of the cookie is _utmv


which indicates my website name at the end of it but the and the cookie name is _utmv which I have found is a google analytics cookie but why would it be listed in firefox as being owned by another site www dot hivissupply dotcom

all the other cookies show that the belong to my site.

Is there a chance anyone could have had it put there to monitor my stats?



I'm going to GUESS that it is a reference to a search that was done and was referred to your site by big-G. They will use this cookie in analytics if that object is purchased/referenced/etc.

But this is only a guess....

Really strange.