Storefront middle column width

I am pretty new to CS-Cart, but it looks very good for me.

I just need to increase the middle column width a bit wider, can any one tell me how to get this done ?

I am using basic skin

See my site — just started …

Just switch to the “Design mode” in admin panel and you will be able to see wich files have to be changed.

It’s in the styles.base.css (line 652)

[quote].central-column, .container-right .central-column, .container-left .central-column {



margin:0 172px 15px;



padding:0 21px 15px;



[/quote]But it will push your side bars out of the layout.

There is an article in the Knowledgebase here - [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation - which explains how to make the site 100% width.

If you don’t want it 100%, the article may help as to where you need to look. You will need to alter the css for more than just the central column.

Thank yo all … I’ll give it a try …