Storefront Id Check

Hi - I am looking to pass through specific OG:IMAGE text lines depending ont eh storefront in theme file.

What is the code/varialbe please to check teh storefront ID?

Thanks - ADam.

You can use

$storefront_id = StorefrontProvider::getStorefront()->storefront_id;

do not forget to add this line of code to the top of the php file

use Tygh\Providers\StorefrontProvider;

In your addon, add `controllers/frontend/` with the following content:

use Tygh\Tygh;

Tygh::$app[‘view’]->assign(‘storefront’, Tygh::$app[‘storefront’]);

Now you can use the following template code to get the storefront ID anywhere:

{if $storefront->storefront_id === 1}

{if $storefront->url === “”}

The latter works best for readability imo

Thanks the above worked great after changing the === to ==