Store/Pickup Selector Addon Is Outdated

The default store selector in Cs-cart is useful, but i’t’s so basic and outdated and could use an update.
To my knowledge, this addon works in connection with the Geo location addon. The geo addon can detect the user’s location and automatically show the shipping to the user’s location (sweet).
But why cant that ability extend to the pickup selector? Why do we have to search for a store or pickup location first before even being shown which ones are available?
Why not show a list of available pickup or store loactions automatically while addind a button to view on map?
Showing the stores in a list saves a user a lot of time as that is very informative. When a user doesnt see their city on the list then they know there is no store or pickup point in their location (easy). Why do they have to type, search and then only be told there is no store or pickup?
Now, I know someone will say that’s when third party addons come in, but I feel like Cs-cart could also improve it’s default functionalities. Cs-cart has arguably the most powerful and complete features for an ecommerce software, but most of them are basic and dont seem to mature at all. This also goes to Unitheme -powerful and potential theme but slow to mature or improve.

Use the Vendor locations add-on (Vendor Locations [Beta] — CS-Cart 4.16.x documentation).

When the add-on is enabled, each vendor can define their location (i.e. the store address). Customers will be able to search for vendors near them on the vendors page.

Then, you can add a Distance to vendor filter and the customer will be able to search for the products located near them, using this filter. The customer’s geolocation can be defined either automatically or manually in the filter options. It will work both for registered and guest customers of your website.

The add-on is based on the Google Maps service, so you will need to obtain the Google Maps API key to make the add-on work.

See the following article to learn more about the Vendor locations add-on and its features:

The vendor location is great and solves this issue, however, that’s only for multivendor and not single shops. Apologies for not specifying the Cs-cart version regarding this. But I was talking about the single shop version not multivendor.

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You can give a try to the Warehouses add-on, which will give you the possibility to set which warehouses deliver products to what region.

Thanks for the suggestion, but that addon is only available for multivendor and ultimate.

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