Store locator

We’re running a manufacturer’s site and will use the store locator to point users to retail locations where our products can be found. There is no zip code or address field. I’m currently adding addresses in the description field.

Is there any plans to upgrade the store locator? There must be an easier way to hoook up to Google map so that we don’t have to look up and enter the coordinates of all our 800 stores manually!

Please help.

We have the same need. Our product is carried by numerous retailers so a more robust Store Locator feature would be great. We too are adding city, state and zip into the name field so that the search will find it.

People don’t search for stores by name usually. They usually search by city, state or zip code.

It wouldn’t take much to make this much more useful.

  • Add the fields for address, state, zip. (country and city already exist)
  • Instead of looking up coordinates, just use the address info to populate Google Maps.
  • For the store locator side box, have it search the name/city/state/zip fields.
  • Include a link to an “Advanced Search” page that lets users search by name/city/state/zip fields.

    If you really wanted something impressive, it would be amazing to also allow for advanced searches by radius. For instance, user enters zip code of 93108 and searches within 25 mile radius.