Store loading times?

Store loading times?

I use Safari when working on my website and it takes 1 second to load my store with around 10,000 photos.

I use Amazon’s CDN. An iMac desktop and have a dedicated server. Also a fast fiber optic connection.

When I open my store in Chrome it takes about 5 seconds - why so slow?

Note a site like Amazon opens in one second on my desktop in Chrome.

Hello, pages loading time consists of several parts: page generation time, content delivery, js-scripts run time, and other not so critical moments. You can find many answers to your question in this book

Thank you for your book suggestion.

Actually my question was not complex:

Why does my site load fast on Safari but slow on Chrome?

The only difference is that I use Safari daily and chrome less often.

Safari and Chrome have different engines for processing HTML and JS. Also, this problem can be on the plugin level, try to open the website in chrome incognito mode. Tell me your domain name I’ll check it in chrome too.

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Very interesting - I will try.

Thank you!

I opened Chrome Incognito and the site still took about 6 seconds to fully open. But it was interesting to try the experiment.

Note Amazon opens in 1 second while using Chrome on the same computer.

What about incognito mode is Safari?

When i use Safari it is not incognito actually I never use incognito.

I cleared my cache and update Chrome and now my site loads in about 2 seconds on Chrome and less than a second with Safari.

Maybe safari is faster for me as I have cached the photos on the site?