Store is down、 couldn't pay by paypal

Hello, my website:
During the upgrade process, it appears problem, it fails, please tell me what should I do? how to restore my website, in addition,before this update, we couldn’t pay by Paypal,the process cannot pass, the latest upgrade version to solve this problem.
Looking forward to your quick reply

What Cs-cart version is your website using? Is it single shop or multivendor? If multivendor is it on premise or the one you pay for monthly?

Looks like he uses CS-CART: version 2.0.12. It is required to examine issue directly on your server for such old versions

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Yes, my version is too old. If buy a new one, where i can do the price?
I need to know which options are right for me, and not too expensive.
The old verion which the php version seems is too old, server don’t support for that old one.


With a version that old it may have come with life upgrade, check with help desk, provide email you would have purchased with and or licence number.

There are two variants

  1. Upgrade the store up 2.2.4 and use Store import module to upgrade up to 4.7.2 and perform next upgrades manually
  1. Use import/export functionality to transfer required data. But there can be issues with product options/variations and links between users and orders (can be solved with small code modification)
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