Store Import & Promotions

I've recently imported my store to version 4.3 from 3.x. The promotions appear to have imported but do not work. On further checking, the promotions are all there, but the conditions are all empty. I checked the database and it seems the fields all imported, and it appears that the data under “conditions” is there, in the db.

Any idea why they are not showing up? Should i just import the tables again? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried to import using cs-cart v4.2.x? Or you can contact cs-cart helpdesk for this issue.

I concur… Best to import to 4.2.4 then upgrade to 4.3.x. Seems to be much less problematic.

It's 4.3.2. Do i need to upgrade with 4.2?

oh. ok. so start over with 4.2.4. I will try it.