Store Import Did Not Import Product Layouts


Recently I migrated my store from CS-Cart 4.3.5 into CS-Cart 4.3.8

I decided to use Store Import plugin obtained from Marketplace, in order to get rid of all images and other garbage that collected in my store for last 10 years (we used CS-Cart from version 1.3.5 and always did updates or copy-pasted everything).

The problem is: after Store Import I see that my Products have correct Layouts, but Layout block for Additional products is empty in new store! Additional products is a block with manually selected products that are recommended to buy together with current product. In total, we have around 600 of manually filled product blocks in old shop, but no one was imported to new one.

It means, Store Imports indeed imported Layout structure, but not content of individual blocks in layout.

Did anyone experienced same problem?