Store Credits for customers

Returns are increasing, because sales are increasing. Returns are not necessarily a bad thing for me.
But… I really, really prefer when the customer takes a Store Credit instead of a refund.
I WISH there was an addon that dumps store credits into a database table, and assigns it to the customer rather than issues a Gift Certificate via email. The customer should have a menu item under their account for “Store Credits” that shows their available balance, and the balance should be shown on checkout, which they can apply to their purchase.
The Gift Certificate method is not really very customer friendly and they can’t look up the balance of a Gift Certificate.

We use reward points, works great. It helps when you set them up in an easy way… like 1 point is 1 cent.

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Thank you for this suggestion, Flow - this might actually work.
Do you give points on purchases, and give points for returns / store credits?
Did you keep the name Reward Points? or did you change the language text to Store Credits?
I also just realized I could manually give points to registered customers for leaving a review if I want to. This might actually work.

You’re welcome. We still call them reward points and yes we also give them on purchases, sometimes use them for returns, etc.
They are very flexible and easy for both the customer and support team. When we use them to credit customers, we just explain that we used reward points but of course you can also rename them if that’s what you are going to use them for mainly :slight_smile: