Store Changing Domain Name To Active Links!?!

I'm running 4.3.3

This is odd. So on the front end of my site, on a few pages, I write out my domain name as example.tdl. Such as, "Welcome to example.tld"

When I first load the page, it appears like actual text (as I want it too). BUT after a few seconds it changes to an active link going to that url.

I didn't know if there was a Chrome extension that turned every url name to an active url but I also loaded my site in IE and Firefox, same issue.

Is there a Cs-Cart setting that does this or some third party module I may have accidentally installed? I didn't notice it before a few weeks ago.

I'm baffled.

I'm going to guess it is the html editor you are using and it is changing domain names to anchor tags trying to be helpful.