Store Builder Ultimate expirience - performance

How is your expirience with miltiple store fronts with current
CS-Cart Store Builder Ultimate? (5 to 10 different. unique domains)

Does anyboody has expirience with switching from multiple “Store Builder” instalations of cs-cart on the different domains to a single “Store Builder Ultimate” with different store fronts on unique domains?

Is it possible to manage the product stock for those different storefronts?
Is it posssible to change the differnt themes for each storefront?

How is the performance?

re there any issues with is the SEO?

I am tryng to make a dissision to buy the licence, but read here on the forum that there where some issues with sharing products between the store fronts. Is that still the issue?

Kind regards.


Some of our customers are using Store Builder Ultimate, and nobody has reported any problems with performance, or SEO.
And yes, you can set up separate theme for each storefront, so that its appearance can be adjusted depending on target audience.

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