Store Based On Past User Purchases - Is This Possible?

Hi All,

I am about to start building a site which will give users the option to create an account and do the following:

  • purchase additional services (based on services purchased in the past),
  • pay for these directly or setup direct debits,
  • display a ‘log’ of the services they have purchased and when they expire.

    The services can only be purchased once a user has an account (i.e. they will not be visible anywhere else on the site) and a site administrator has given them the correct privelage to do so. The type of additional services that can be purchased are dependent on services each user has purchased in the past.

    What are my options for doing the above? Does CS Cart have such functionality built in?

You can import all users / orders you had in your previous website.

We`ve done such thing already, merging 3 websites based on os-commerce into one single cs-cart. We imported everything, from categories/products / users / ecrypted md5 passwords /and all history of their accounts. Basically everything.

@seonid - What does your offering of services have to do with the OP’s original question? He was asking about product dependencies and required products but you offered conversion services. Do your services include setup of the functionality he asked for help with?

Offering services in response to a question is fine. Just have the response be somewhat relevant to the original request please.