Store Backup to Google Drive - Addon

I have been looking for a way to backup my store Automatically, not just the database but the whole store including all templates addons ect.

Most people like myself only ever backup the database or if you do backup your Cs-Cart store you save the backup somewhere on the server, which is pretty useless if your server gets hacked or a server failure.

So i have built an Automatic backup addon, the addon automatically backups your database, and all your store files then compresses it, and uploads it to Your Google Drive account, Google Drive gives you 15gb free storage which should be more than enough space to store your backup.

You can schedule backups by setting the interval days between backups.


[]Backups are automatic.

]Backups stored off server with Google Drive.

[]No monthly fee, (eg 1&1 charge $3/Month for webspace backup!).

]15GB FREE Storage space.

[]Backups are password protected for extra security.

]You can schedule backups, during quiet times.


The addon costs $70 and is for use of V4.x

I will put a demo you soon!