Stop /?items_Per_Page=12 From Being Crawled

I've checked my site with screaming frog and i have over 1000 duplicate H1 titles which are coming from urls





The Meta description is also duplicated for these pages. How do i stop these pages from being crawled and possibly penalizing my site's seo.

Also noticed these urls are causing duplicate page titles of “My Account” which means nothing to a search engine other than it see's duplication web url/index.php?dispatch=auth.login_form&return_url=index.php%3Fdispatch%3Dproducts.view%26product_id%3D42

How do i stop these also from being crawled?

Forgot to mention i have CsCart Rocks Ultimate Seo add on installed by CsCart Rocks.


Disallow: /*?

to robots.txt

but it will take time for them to drop from wm tools

The canonical url tag works correctly on your site. There is a lag in Google Webmaster Tools and you can force Google to re-crawl the whole site. Here is how-to link…r/6065812?hl=en and hope this helps.


Thanks, i've added Disallow: /*? so will wait and see how long it takes to stop showing.


What exactly does the canonical url tag do.

Thanks Magpie Don but i am now a little confused as Google says the following

While we encourage you to use any of these methods, none of them are required. If you don't indicate a canonical URL, we'll identify what we think is the best version or URL.

Don't use the robots.txt file for canonicalization purposes.

A previous post by johnbol1 said to use the robot.txt file to disallow and prevent the pages from being crawled. Am i correct in thinking this is what Google say's Don't do or are these two things different?

Your my account links should all have the 'nofollow' attribute set so any reasonable robot will not follow that link.

Thanks tbirnseth how do i check that my account links have 'nofollow' set?

link title here


Do a view source and search for the string 'profiles' should get you to the general area. Then verify that all the links in the my account drop-down have 'rel=“nofollow”'.

Checked via view source and these links don't have 'rel=“nofollow” this is a copy of the code so if you means these links then they don't have the nofollow.

Why is the nofollow code not in place in the out of the box CsCart?

I guess I should have been more explicit. I used the common name 'link' which is an 'anchor tag' (). The above 'links' provide static content for the site and are not related to the discussion.